Neck Pain Since the 8th grade I have always had neck pain. Before coming to Eickhorst Family Chiropractic I would crack my neck myself to relieve the pain. I never thought that in high school that I would need to see anybody for my neck pain because I was so young and that I did not have a problem with my health. My neck would bother me during any activity that I would do and cause me discomfort and pain. While I was looking through who accepted my insurance, I came across Dr. Eric Eickhorst.

Michelle B.

Fibromyalgia "Dr. Eric Eickhorst have saved my life! For the first time in 7 years I am off all narcotics and I am finally pain free. I feel like I am a person again and not a lab rat. I never realized how important spinal adjustments could be in helping to maintain a healthy, active life style without the use of prescription drugs."

Kelin W.

Migraines "Dr. Eickhorst is a wonderful chiropractor who I owe a great deal of gratitude. I was referred to him by a relative, and I have to say that he is a very thorough doctor. He is very knowledgeable and goes the extra mile to be most helpful in treatment for my severe migraines. Thanks to Dr. Eickhorst, I have been migraine-free for 8 months!"

Lindsey C.

Multiple Sclerosis "Dr. Eric is a very kind and patient doctor. I have been to several chiropractors and he is the only one who took the time to understand me and my needs and medical condition, as I was diagnosed with MS three years ago. I strongly recommend him!"

Katie R.

Low Back Pain "Dr. Eric is an outstanding doctor. I had chronic low back pain for over 15 years and after a series of treatments I am now pain free. I am now able to lift and play with my grandchildren, go on bike rides with my wife, and take my dog on daily walks without pain. I am very pleased with Dr. Eric's level of care, knowledge, and patience."

Sam K.

Low Back Pain "I've had lower back pain that began 20 years ago. It has affected me in a terrible way. I felt very limited to what I could do and it was making me irritable. I was always in fear of my next big slip up. Since I have found Dr. Eric I have drastically improved in many ways. I am now pain free and my care has given me an increased range of motion."

Frank C.

I'm 24 years old, 6'9'', 240 lbs. and a professional Basketball player from Davenport, IA. I've been playing overseas now for 3 years but have been receiving treatment by numerous ex-terns and Doctors at Davenport Palmer clinic over the years. However the care that I received while under Dr. Eickhorst I can honestly say is unsurpassed by any ex-tern or Dr. that I've ever been treated by. I've been adjusted improperly in the past or have had certain individuals who, because of my size are not p

Dain S.


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