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Prenatal & Pregnancy

If you are thinking of becoming pregnant this is the most important time to begin chiropractic care.  Your body will be able to prepare for the changes of pregnancy better if care is started prior to conception.  Even before becoming pregnant, chiropractic care will lead to more regular menstrual cycles and will aid in better function of the uterus.  In addition to proper function of systems and organs, your musculature and frame will also benefit by becoming stronger and more balanced overall.  Chiropractic care restores proper nerve communication to muscles and organs including reproductive organs.  It is no surprise that couples trying to conceive have found great benefit in chiropractic.  If you or someone you know is struggling to conceive, see a chiropractor to insure the body is functioning properly.  

If you are already pregnant you can still benefit greatly from chiropractic care.  Low back strain increases as your baby belly grows.   This change along with changes in the way you are walking and a shift in your center of gravity will increase your chances of having back pain and even headaches.    The closer you get to your due date your body will begin to release relaxin.  Relaxin is a hormone that causes your ligaments to loosen, which is very beneficial as you give birth, but it can make any previous joint issues more prominent.

Recent studies conducted regarding chiropractic care and pregnancy resulted in evidence of decreased labor duration.  The labor time of first pregnancies was reduced by nearly 24% and subsequent pregnancies were by almost 39%.  Additional studies revealed a decreased need for pain medication by 50% and an overall reduction of pregnancy back pain reports of almost 85%.